New Chinatown


527 S. Main St.

One of the last after-hours clubs to close, in the late ’60s, the New Chinatown was a slightly seedy upstairs joint owned by Chinatown International District macher Danny Woo, who operated it as a restaurant before-hours and a night club after-hours. The bootleg operation was on the ground floor and for five bucks customers could buy a bottle and walk upstairs with it. Bouncer Dave Henderson doubled on piano and musicians remembered him as having a distinctive and orginal style that reminded them of Thelonious Monk. Musicians collected tips from a huge kitty tthat was actually a cat that looked like the cartoon character Sylvester. Musicians such as bassist Bill Crow and pianist Kenny Kimball recalled it as a place where they could stretch out musically. Melody Jones played with musicians from Al Pierre’s band here.

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